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Google App Engine Create App

Creates an App Engine application for a Google Cloud Platform project. Required fields: id - The ID of the target Cloud Platform project. location - The region ( where you want the App Engine appli...

Google App Engine Get App

Gets information about an application.

Google App Engine Update App

Updates the specified Application resource. You can update the following fields: auth_domain - Google authentication domain for controlling user access to the application. default_cookie_expiration - Cookie expiration policy for the application.

Google App Engine Get App Locations

Lists information about the supported locations for this service.

Google App Engine Get App Location

Get information about a location.

Google App Engine Get Operations

Lists operations that match the specified filter in the request. If the server doesn't support this method, it returns UNIMPLEMENTED.NOTE: the name binding below allows API services to override the binding to use different resource name schemes, s...

Google App Engine Get State

Gets the latest state of a long-running operation. Clients can use this method to poll the operation result at intervals as recommended by the API service.

Google App Engine Repair App

Recreates the required App Engine features for the specified App Engine application, for example a Cloud Storage bucket or App Engine service account. Use this method if you receive an error message about a missing feature, for example, Error retr...

Google App Engine Get Services

Lists all the services in the application.

Google App Engine Delete Service

Deletes the specified service and all enclosed versions.

Google App Engine Get Configuration

Gets the current configuration of the specified service.

Google App Engine Update Configuration

Updates the configuration of the specified service.

Google App Engine Get Versions

Lists the versions of a service.

Google App Engine Deploy Version

Deploys code and resource files to a new version.

Google App Engine Delete Version

Deletes an existing Version resource.

Google App Engine Get Version

Gets the specified Version resource. By default, only a BASIC_VIEW will be returned. Specify the FULL_VIEW parameter to get the full resource.

Google App Engine Update Version

Updates the specified Version resource. You can specify the following fields depending on the App Engine environment and type of scaling that the version resource uses: serving_status (

Google App Engine Get Instances

Lists the instances of a version.Tip: To aggregate details about instances over time, see the Stackdriver Monitoring API (

Google App Engine Stop Instance

Stops a running instance.

Google App Engine Get Instance

Gets instance information.

Google App Engine Enable Debugging

Enables debugging on a VM instance. This allows you to use the SSH command to connect to the virtual machine where the instance lives. While in "debug mode", the instance continues to serve live traffic. You should delete the instance when you are...

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